We are very proud of Comdale Curtain Call at Lizandycris winning the CC at Scottish Breed 07
Thank you to the new owners : Mrs J Carlin and Miss J Gillott .
Good luck with Alex
Alex has since our last update won his second CC

Ben wins BIS at the SWHWTC Ch Show 2007
We moved house in 2008 and have been very busy 

to get  everything nice for dogs and humans.

At the moment we are hoping to have some exciting litters in the near future

Ben has been flying the flag for us in the mean time

aided by Wistonant Anastasia of Comdale *Annie*  who had some nice puppy wins.

The Clan has been joined by Llovall As Mama Said *Stitch* and also 2 promising pups.

We are looking forward to start showing again soon
Llovall A Real Deal at Comdale *Diva* ended up being Best puppy for  the year 2009.

We are over the moon.

Bertie , son of Stitch and Ben won his class first time out at LKA 2009.

We are looking forward to 2010
We had a great day at Crufts 2010:

Diva won a very nice Post graduate bitch class.

Stitch won open bitch and the Res CC.
Diva wins the Res CC at Birmingham National.

Followed by the CC at East of England 2010.

And Res CC at rte SWHWWTC Ch Show

She has retired to the nursery
Stitch is doing us proud.

she carried on with her winning way by winning  3 more Res CC's.

{Birmingham City,Belfast,WHWTC Ch Show }

AND the CC at LKA 2010