Ch Comdale Action Man *Ben*
"Ben" and the Glengordon Trophy
"Ben" and the Macconachie Trophy for 2005
"Ben" and the Macconachie Trophy for 2006

Ben has really done us proud winning his Junior Warrant at just thirteen months old after winning Best Pup In Show at The Southern WHWT Club Open Show. He won Best Pup In Breed at National Terrier 2004 and followed up by winning his first Challenge Certificate there 12 months later. He ended 2005 winning eight Challenge Certificates, five Reserve Challenge Certificates, four Best Of Breeds and the title of Top UK Westie 2005. This is quite an achievement by anyone’s standards as he won eight CCs in eight months. His third CC giving him his title was gained one day after his second birthday.
Ben has been campaigned throughout 2006. .

Ben’s results

Best Puppy awards


National Terrier 2004

Mr K Hodkinson (Erisort)

WELKS 2004

Mr J Wilson (Gunngrace)

Bath 2004

Mrs M Duckett (Foreston)





Challenge & Reserve Challenge Certificates


1st CC - National Terrier 2005

Mrs K Fox (Hillsted)

Res CC - WHWT Club of England 2005

Mrs M F Johnston (Glenveagh)

Res CC - Birmingham National 2005

Mr G Corish (Sealaw)

Res CC - Scottish K C (May) 2005

Miss E Macallan (Roneval)

2nd CC & BOB - Bath 2005

Miss S Jenkins (Kilowna)

3rd CC - Windsor 2005

Mr B Squire (Kimgarwyn)

4th CC - East of England 2005

Mr K Bartlett (Dwilencia)

5th CC & BOB - Bournemouth 2005

Mrs S Hooper (Yorsar) & Mr T Thorn

6th CC & BOB - Welsh Kennel Club 2005

Mrs P M Edmondson (Pepabby)

Res CC - Darlington 2005

Mr K Hodkinson (Erisort)

7th CC & BOB - Belfast 2005

Mr K Crockett (Havasu)

8th CC - Midland Counties 2005

Mr J McManus (Triogen)

Res CC - L K A 2005

Mrs T M Gaydon (Gilbri)

Res CC - Crufts 2006

Mrs M Torbet (Newtonglen)

Res CC - Scottish Breeds 2006

Mrs P A Molony (Killynether)

9th CC & BOB - National Terrier 2006

Mr R Wilshaw (Domaroy)

10th CC - W E L K S 2006

Mr K Gourlay (Danelea)

11th CC - Bath 2006

Mr J Wilson (Lymehills)

12th CC & BOB - Three Counties 2006

Mr W Browne-Cole (Travella)

13th CC & BOB - South Wales 2006

Mrs J A Griffiths (Karamynd)

Res CC - Paignton 2006

Mr M Marshall (Whittingford)

14th CC & BOB - East of England 2006

Mrs M P Coy (Cedarfell)

Res CC - Bournemouth 2006

Mrs A Milner (Juanne)

15th CC & BOB - Welsh Kennel Club 2006

Mr T Johnston (Fieldkirk)

Res CC - Scottish K C (August) 2006

Mrs J Eastwood (Brierlow)

16th CC & BOB - Richmond 2006

Mrs S Smith (Melwyn)

Terrier Group#4 - Richmond 2006

Mr D Munro (Kencot)

Res CC - Darlington 2006

Mr V T Grosso (U S A)

17th CC - Belfast 2006

Mrs D Lee (Daphayr)

Res CC - Midland Counties 2006

Mr E W Percival (Underholt)

Res CC - Southern WHWT Club 2006

Mrs D K Lancaster (Clanestar)

18th CC - L K A 2006

Mrs M K Greening (Tollcross)

19th CC & BOB - Manchester 2007

Mr H Van Der Berg (Netherlands)

Terrier Group#4 - Manchester 2007

Miss J Miller (Brio)

Res CC - National Terrier 2007

Mrs D A Britten (Krisma)

20th CC & BIS - Southern WHWT Club 2007

Mrs J Farmer (Pepabby)

21st CC - L K A 2007

Mrs A Milner (Juanne)

Res CC - Scottish Breeds 2008

Mrs J Abbey (Kristajen)

Res CC - National Terrier 2008

Mrs M Torbet (Newtonglen)

22nd CC & BIS - WHWT Club 2008

Mr R Donachie (Joelbridge)