Dogs have always played a big part of our lives both before and after getting married.
Steveís family have always been dog nuts and could not exist without dogs around the home. Normally these were large breeds such as Labradors. German Shepherds and a Doberman. There was also a Toy Poodle early days.
Deniseís family were more into smaller breeds such as Corgis and a Chihuahua but also owned a German Shepherd at one time.
Once married we embarked upon our own life of dogs. We rescued many different dogs consisting of differing breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, Great Danes, and Dalmatians. Along with the dogs we owned Siamese cats. At one point we had eight.
The rescue dogs were kept by us and found homes once assessed and assured to be of good health In 1984 we became landlords of our own pub in Londonís East End.
At that particular time we did not have a dog and decided that it would be nice to have one around as added security as well as companionship.
We decided on a Doberman and were lucky enough to find Oscar
at Batterseaís Dogs Home. He was five months old and a real cutie.
After two years we decided that the pub life was not for us and returned to normality.
Oscar passed away in 1994 at the age of ten.
This left a vast void in our lives but we resisted the temptation of another dog for nearly a year.
In 1995 we bought our first Westie. Her name was Bonnie and she was sired by Lasara Lovely Jubbly At Snowsprite.
We did not at that time realise that she was a show dog so it was more by luck than judgment that we had purchased a good quality puppy.
Bonnie was a lovely girl and once mature we decided to breed her as we wanted a companion for her.
Following extensive inquiries we used Domaroy Dalesman owned by Roy Wilshaw. We went this route as we wanted to make sure that we bred good healthy puppies.
From the resultant litter of five puppies we kept a male and named him Comdale
Grand Boy (Harry). We did not know what to look for in a pup but to us he looked the most handsome.
We took Harry to the vets for his inoculations and bumped into a couple with two Westies . A conversation was struck up and they told us that they showed westies and we should consider showing Harry as he was quite nice. he thought of walking around a show ring with a little white dog hardly appealed to us at all, however they talked us into taking Harry along to ring training classes which I actually found enjoyable. As Harry approached six months we thought it would be nice to show him and see how we would get on. Naturally Harry was the most handsome Westie we had ever seen.
We entered him into a couple of Open Shows and did quite well so somebody said we should try a Championship show. Off we went to Manchester and Harry was entered into Minor Puppy Dog. Imagine the shock when he actually won his class. That was it and the bug bit.
Harry had quite a few more shows but was never going to be a world beater. Bless him.
Harry now lives with a wealthy retired couple who spend life either in the Isle Of Wight or Portugal. Harry is quite a jet setter and a local celebrity amongst the restaurants in the Algarve.
along came Comdale Grand Celebration (William). William really did us proud. He won a Junior Warrant. A Supreme Best Pup In Show and Three Reserve Challenge Certificates. He also won Mid Limit Dog at Crufts. William now lives with Steveís Father.
1998 saw the arrival of
Comdale Grand Cassatta (Dottie).
Dottie had quite a short show career but her claim to fame was winning Limit Bitch at Crufts.
Dottie now lives with family friends.
saw the arrival of Comdale Classic (Elle).
Elle is a very nice girl but never really enjoyed showing as she is very lazy, so she now spends her days loafing around the house. To see her actually move is a rarity.
saw the arrival of our star. Ch Comdale Action Man (Ben).
Click here for Benís own page.He sure has done us proud
2005 saw a new addition to our kennel in the form of Dwilencia High Esteem At Comdale ( Becky)
We consider ourselves lucky to be able to own Becky thanks to her breeders Ken & Ann Bartlett.
We moved house in 2008  and have been very busy to make it great for the dogs and us too
In 2009 we felt we needed some new blood and saw the arrival of Loulou, Diva and Stitch. Diva has done very well in the show ring winning BPIB first time out from Minor Puppy Class. Stitch won her class at the Of England Ch Show shown by us .After a litter of 2 lovely pups , rearing 3 more pups , saving the life of 1 more pup she is now back in the show ring. We also had Chelsey  (Llovall Lady Sings The Blues) on loan for a litter . We are now settled in our new house and are looking forward to the future
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Steve & Denise.

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